Mayor Bill Campbell:

Wild Bill is Black, Paranoid, Corrupt, Power Hungry … and A Convicted Criminal!
“What’s in it for me?”

The two faces of former Mayor Bill Campbell Atlanta’s Mayor Bill Campbell was the third black mayor of this city. And, depending on your point of view, he was either the most corrupt mayor, or he was a civil rights icon. Or perhaps he was both.
The FBI began an investigation into the Campbell administration in 1999 on charges of corruption, racketeering and tax evasion. By all accounts, Bill Campbell’s Atlanta mayoralty strongly resembled the corrupt, payoff-driven administrations of Chicago’s Mayor Daleys’ administrations (both the father and the son). Sure, things got done, but mere ethics didn’t stand in the way — neither in Atlanta nor in Chicago.

Since 1999 no fewer than 10 of Campbell’s former city officials have been convicted on a range of criminal charges.

According to the Washington Post: “[Campbell] was indicted two years after leaving office, snared in a federal corruption probe that has led to the convictions of 10 other former city officials and contractors. Federal prosecutors charged that Campbell ran Atlanta with a “what’s-in-it-for-me” attitude and regarded contractors who wanted to do business with the city as ‘human ATMs.’

“Prosecutors said he took more than $160,000 in cash, campaign contributions, junkets and home improvements in exchange for city contracts, and spent it on gambling trips to Mississippi River casinos and other getaways with his mistresses. He took so much money, they said, that he withdrew a mere $69 from his personal bank accounts one year.

“[Campbell’s defense attorneys] countered that Campbell’s extra money came from his gambling winnings and speaking engagements, and that Campbell’s subordinates had used his name without his knowledge to enrich themselves. [This doesn’t even pass the straight face test. Editor.]

“[In March 2006] A federal jury found former mayor Bill Campbell guilty of tax evasion, but cleared him of charges he lined his pockets with payoffs as he guided Atlanta through a period of robust development in the 1990s.

“Campbell, 52, could get up to nine years in prison and $300,000 in fines. However, legal experts have said it’s doubtful he will get the maximum sentence. He also could lose his law license in Florida, where he moved to practice after leaving office.”

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Washington Post 03-11-06

When conservative civil rights activists sued Atlanta for its discriminatory racial setaside contracting policies (quotas), Campbell infamously and quite publicly stated that whites who oppose racial quotas are like the Ku Klux Klan. Defensive rhetoric doesn’t get much more divisive than that.
Campbell’s thugs have thrown white anti-quota advocates out of public meetings. And when Campbell’s corrupt game of racial favoritism — and under-the-table payoffs to him — were investigated, he said he had been the subject of a “racial inquisition” and he compared the FBI to Russia’s KGB.

Campbell’s rantings about an anti-black conspiracy ring particularly false when one considers who was doing the investigating: In 1999, when the FBI began investigating Campbell, the Atlanta FBI office was headed by a black. At that time the U.S. Attorney for the Atlanta district was also black. Also at that time Bill Clinton was our “first black” President, and Clinton’s Department of Justice was extremely pro-quota and pro-minority. How could Bill Campbell reasonably have believed that these people were after him because he was black? A more rational observer might suggest that even the extremely pro-quota, ultra-liberal Clinton administration could not condone Campell’s corrupt style.
Campbell also exhibited classic symptoms of delusions of grandeur when in the summer of 2000 he “…resumed his tirade on two local radio stations with largely black audiences, saying that federal authorities were hounding him just as they did the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960s. He called the investigators ‘forces of evil.’ ” [Empahsis added. Quoted from the Washington Post 09/29/00].

The reality is that Campbell’s two-term, corrupt mayoralty of Atlanta bore absolutely no reseblance to the late, great Marthin Luther King’s vision.

Background & News Archives:
Bill Campbell and His Corrupt, Racial Favoritism

From News Accounts 1999 – 2000 when the FBI investigation began

On Wed., Oct. 4, 2000 the Washington Post reported: “Critics … say the mayor [Campbell] has done what he always does when he finds himself in a difficult position — play the race card. They say that his pattern of launching vitriolic attacks has only hurt his credibility and embarrassed a business-minded city that boasts it is ‘too busy to hate.’

“The mayor can make a racial issue out of a lima bean,” said Dick Yarbrough, a retired BellSouth executive and newspaper columnist who wrote a critical book about Atlanta’s 1996 Summer Olympics, “And They Called Them Games.”

“In the summer of 1999, Campbell lashed out in similar fashion at the Southeastern Legal Foundation, a conservative public-interest law firm that has taken the city to federal court over its minority contracting programs. [Campbell] likened the organization to the Ku Klux Klan and urged his supporters to picket not only its offices, but also the homes of its officials. Campbell recently said that the federal probe is due in part to his heated defense of Atlanta’s affirmative action policies [otherwise known as racial quotas. Editor].

“That doesn’t pass the straight-face test,” said foundation president Matt Glavin. “The local office of the FBI is headed by an African American, the U.S. attorney is African American. Janet Reno, Bill Clinton, all support affirmative action. Why would these people go after Bill Campbell because of his position?”

Excerpted from the Washington Post story Wed., Oct. 4, 2000
appearing on page A03 by reporter Sue Anne Pressley):

Since it all hit the fan in 1999, the news accounts have variously portrayed Campbell as a paranoid, power-hungry black mafia don. He hands out race-based contracts like candy to his black campaign contributors. He has publicly stated that he believes in racial quotas today, racial quotas tomorrow, and racial quotas forever.
And, since 1999, Campbell has been the target of a federal corruption investigation into his apparent use of race-based contracts as “payoffs” to his black campaign contributors in Atlanta.

When the FBI probe began during the summer of 1999, two Fulton County officials quickly copped guilty pleas to taking bribes, and the FBI investigation began gaining steam.

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Sept. 29, 2000: The Washington Post wrote: “When Bill Campbell–mayor of this image-conscious city for nearly seven controversial years–decided to let loose recently on the federal probe into possible corruption at city hall and his gambling habits, even some longtime Campbell-watchers were shocked at his choice of words.

“In a televised speech Sept. 19, Campbell described the FBI investigation into his public and personal activities as “an inquisition,” comparing the agency to “the KGB in communist Russia.” The next day, he resumed his tirade on two local radio stations with largely black audiences, saying that federal authorities were hounding him just as they did the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960s. He called the investigators “forces of evil.”

“By bringing race into the equation, Campbell also has been accused by some critics of polarizing this predominantly black city where complex racial issues usually have been dealt with subtly and with maximum attention to how things looked to the rest of the world.

“Atlanta strip-club owner Michael Childs and former Campbell aide Dewey Clark, who lived in a basement apartment of the mayor’s house for six years, have accused Campbell of accepting bribes in exchange for his alleged assurances to protect the liquor license at one of Childs’s businesses, Club Nikki VIP, according to the Journal-Constitution. Childs and Clark allege that Campbell reneged on his pledge; the license subsequently was revoked.

“Critics … say the mayor has done what he always does when he finds himself in a difficult position — play the race card. They say that his pattern of launching vitriolic attacks has only hurt his credibility and embarrassed a business-minded city that boasts it is “too busy to hate.

“The mayor can make a racial issue out of a lima bean,” said Dick Yarbrough, a retired BellSouth executive and newspaper columnist who wrote a critical book about Atlanta’s 1996 Summer Olympics, “And They Called Them Games.”

“In the summer of 1999, Campbell lashed out in similar fashion at the Southeastern Legal Foundation, a conservative public-interest law firm that has taken the city to federal court over its minority contracting programs. He likened the organization to the Ku Klux Klan and urged his supporters to picket not only its offices, but also the homes of its officials. Campbell recently said that the federal probe is due in part to his heated defense of Atlanta’s affirmative action policies.

“That doesn’t pass the straight-face test,” said foundation president Matt Glavin. “The local office of the FBI is headed by an African American, the U.S. attorney is African American. Janet Reno, Bill Clinton, all support affirmative action. Why would these people go after Bill Campbell because of his position?”

It is hard to believe that presidential hopeful Al Gore ever considered appointing an anti-white bigot like Mayor Campbell to a cabinet position if Gore were elected. Fortunately, the heat of the FBI investigation into Campbell’s mafia-style tactics seemed to have quashed Gore’s interest in the mayor.

Black conspiracy theorists like Atlanta’s Rev. Timothy McDonald believe that the FBI investigation is part of a plot to discourage black voters from going to the polls in November [2000]. If black voters stay away from the polls, McDonald posited, that would enhance the chances of George W. Bush getting elected. (Based on the Washington Post story Wed., Oct. 4, 2000, page A03, by Sue Anne Pressley)

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Feds now looking to City Hall Minority contracts, fund-raising being investigated by FBI
(Atlant Journal Constitution 06/10/00)

(ATLANTA) “A Journal-Constitution investigation last year into the compliance office found that millions of dollars in contracts intended to create opportunities for minority businesses were passed through minority front companies to white-owned businesses that actually did the work…

“[Now the] federal investigators who this week won convictions against three people on corruption charges involving Fulton County contracts are also focusing on minority contracting and political fund-raising in the city of Atlanta. The investigators have questioned several people, including Fred B. Prewitt, owner of FBP Contractors, a minority contracting firm, and Bill Turner of Cherokee County, formerly with Bill Harbert Construction Co. of Birmingham…The FBI would not confirm whether it is investigating corruption in City Hall…Glenda Blum Minkin, director of the Mayor’s Office of Communications, said she didn’t know about any federal investigation involving the city or any officials…’Given the atmosphere, we expect these kinds of inquiries, and we expect them to include other governments, including ours.’ [said Minkin]

“… Prewitt…a political fund-raiser for Campbell, confirmed he, too, was questioned by the FBI. ‘Yeah, I’ve talked to them. Not about contracts, though, I guess because I don’t have any,’ Prewitt said…Prewitt’s company as the only minority firm among three sellers of $430,000 worth of equipment and pumps for the Hemphill Water Treatment Plant. But Prewitt’s company did not provide any equipment for the city project, according to representatives of the two white-owned businesses that did supply the equipment…” (Excerpted from The Atlanta Journal-Consitution, 06/10/00 article by Richard Whitt and Julie B. Hairston)

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Battle over Atlanta Set-Asides:

Atlanta moves for dismissal of white businesses’ suit against racial quotas
(From the Atlanta-Journal Constitution 10/16/99)

“The city of Atlanta on Friday asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by four white business owners who claim they suffered discrimination as a result of the city’s affirmative action contracting program, said City Attorney Susan Pease Langford.

“The 23-page document is the city’s first response to the Aug. 26 lawsuit funded by the Southeastern Legal Foundation.

“The foundation, which has worked to strike down similar programs in other cities, claims Atlanta’s program violates the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution by creating [discriminatory, race-based] business opportunities for blacks, women and other minorities at the expense of whites.

“The city, however, claims its program fits the standard for such affirmative action programs established by the U.S. Supreme Court.

“The lawsuit was filed by Lee General Contractors of Conyers, Nichols & Associates Inc. of Marietta, Continental Pipe Services Inc. of Marietta and Peachtree Mechanical Inc. of Fayetteville.

“The city claims the four plaintiffs lack the legal standing to file the lawsuit, because the city’s Equal Business Opportunity (EBO) program requires all companies–whether they are majority or minority-owned–to meet the same standards of subcontracting up to 34 percent of city contracts to minority and women-owned firms.

“Mason Barge, one of three attorneys representing the plaintiffs in the case, had not seen the city’s response, which was filed late Friday. But Barge defended the lawsuit as legitimate. “The precedent for the case law clearly provides these plaintiffs have standing to bring the complaint,” Barge said. “Although I haven’t seen the motion (to dismiss) I’m confident it will be denied.”

“Atlanta requires companies to guarantee a [very significant] share of work they do for the city go to minority and female-owned firms [regardless of the minority firms’ qualifications]. The city sets goals for each contract, requiring as much as 34 percent participation by firms on a list of 1,000 companies registered with the EBO program. [Atlanta requires no similar “percentage guarantee” of city contracts for white-owned businesses who seek to do business with the city.]

“Opponents claim the program is a de-facto quota system that discriminates against white-owned firms, encourages political patronage and corruption, and drives up costs to taxpayers.” (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (posted 10/16/99) by Carlos Campos)

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Pickets protest legal challenge to anti-white racial quotas
(Atlanta-Journal Constitution 09/12/99)

“Supporters of [Atlanta’s racial and gender quotas and set-aside programs] have loudly promised to take their struggle to the streets. On Saturday, 60 of them did, staging a march and protest against a northwest Atlanta bakery. “We sent a powerful message,” said Lou Walker, president of the Georgia Black Chamber of Commerce. “We’re not going back. You fight us, we’ll fight you.”

“The march, organized by the Georgia Black Chamber of Commerce, began on the Morehouse College campus and wound its way 15 minutes later to a bakery off Northside Drive owned by Flowers Industries.

“Flowers’ products have been the target of a boycott organized by the chamber because the bakery’s chairman and chief executive, Amos McMullian, was a member of the board of trustees of the Southeastern Legal Foundation [which vigorously advocates race-blind city contracting policies, and] which is funding a lawsuit agains the city’s [race-based and gender-based] contracting program. McMullian resigned from the board in July, citing the economic pressure on his firm.” [So much for fair and equal treatment without regard to race, eh?]

“The lawsuit, filed in federal court last month on behalf of four white plaintiffs, claims the program is discriminatory to non-minorities.

“Most of Saturday’s protestors were affiliated with a variety of [discriminatory race-based and gender-based] special-interest groups, including the Georgia Black Chamber of Commerce, the National Organization for Women, the Atlanta Labor Council and other union groups.

“Walker said Saturday’s protest and march is only the first of a planned series aimed at putting pressure on the board members of the Southeastern Legal Foundation to [discontinue their opposition to discriminatory race-based and gender-based contracting and hiring policies].” (Based on the Atlanta-Journal Constitution story 09/12/99 by Carlos Campos)

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Southeastern Legal Files Suit Against Atlanta’s Racial Quotas
(Washington Post 08/27/99)

Original Washington Post Headline: “Affirmative Action Plan Challenged; Group Sues Atlanta On Contract Policy” — “A conservative legal foundation yesterday filed a federal lawsuit challenging the city of Atlanta’s policy of setting aside one-third of its contracts for minority and female-owned firms, jeopardizing an affirmative action program long hailed by minority business advocates as a national model.

“The lawsuit, filed in Atlanta by the Southeastern Legal Foundation, calls the city’s minority and female business enterprise program ‘illegal and unconstitutional’ because it considers race and gender as factors in awarding contracts.

“‘We are filing the lawsuit because the city of Atlanta is breaking the law,’ said Matthew J. Glavin, president of the Atlanta-based foundation. ‘The city has a program that provides benefits to one group of people over another group of people because of the color of their skin, their ethnic heritage or their gender.’

“Glavin … says that the time has passed for Atlanta’s set-aside programs. Pointing out that Atlanta has had black mayors and a majority-black City Council since the 1970s, he said there is little chance that the city discriminates in awarding public contracts.” (Washington Post 08/27/99 page A10 by Michael A. Fletcher)

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Conservative foundation sues, but mayor pledges ‘fight to death’
(USA Today, via Detroit News 08/23/99)

ATLANTA — “This city, long a national symbol of black economic pride, faces a stiff legal challenge this week to the constitutionality of its affirmative action program, regarded by many African Americans here as the impetus that helped make this a so-called Black Mecca.

“The challenge is expected in the form of a lawsuit from the Southeastern Legal Foundation, a 23-year-old, conservative organization that has helped overturn other affirmative action programs across the South.

“In some cases, after foundation lawyers announced intended challenges, government entities voluntarily altered their programs to ensure that they were constitutionally sound, says Matt Glavin, president of the foundation.

“Not here. When Glavin notified the city this summer that he intended to challenge Atlanta’s affirmative action program, he touched off a firestorm of rhetoric that threatened to destroy the city’s vaunted boast as “the city too busy to hate.”

“Mayor Bill Campbell, Atlanta’s third black mayor, vowed a “fight to the death” to save affirmative action and compared the legal foundation to the Ku Klux Klan. He led an impassioned rally of 2,000 supporters of the program in late July. Seven members of the legal foundation’s board of trustees and its legal advisory board resigned after some black political leaders threatened to lead boycotts of their companies.” (USA Today, via Detroit News 08/23/99 by Larry Copeland of USA Today)

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Related / Similar:
The city’s set-aside program is coming under challenge
(The Philadelphia Inquirer 08/23/99)

ATLANTA – “The City Too Busy to Hate” it may still be. But this polished, financially flush city, which avoided much of the riot and rage that tore through the South during the 1960s civil rights struggle, is now the latest battleground over one of the movement’s tangible landmarks: affirmative action.

“At issue is Atlanta’s Equal Business Opportunity program, which sets aside about a third of all city contracts for minority-owned businesses. [Emphasis added.] A public interest law firm, the Southeastern Legal Foundation – which has successfully attacked such programs in other cities – says it will file a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the city’s 25-year-old policy if it is not voluntarily discontinued this summer.

“Despite recent court decisions eliminating similar race-based programs around the country, an angry Mayor Bill Campbell has vowed to fight the threatened suit.

“Campbell has vowed – in fiery language that recalls the sit-ins and protest marches of another era – to fight to keep the program ‘by any means necessary. … If this is high noon, if this is the gunfight at the OK Corral, then so be it,’ [Campbell] said in a recent speech. ‘We’re drawing a line in the sand. There will be no compromise, no mediation, no discussion and no capitulation. This is a fight to the death.'” (The Philadelphia Inquirer 08/23/99 by Richard Lezin Jones)

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Blacks in Atlanta react angrily to affirmative action challenge (08/18/99 – dead link)
(Associated Press via FoxNews 08/18/99)

ATLANTA (AP) — “A conservative legal foundation that has used lawsuits to get rid of affirmative action programs around the South has trained its sights on Atlanta, the very symbol of black economic achievement [based upon racial quotas and preferences].

“Unlike some of the Southeastern Legal Foundation’s previous targets — which surrendered rather than fight — Atlanta’s black politicians have angrily defended the system that requires that one-third of the companies doing business with the city be minority- or female-owned.

“Mayor Bill Campbell, who [alleges that] as a child was the first black to integrate a North Carolina school system, vowed to “fight to the death” to keep the [racial] set-aside program. He has likened the [Southeastern Legal] foundation to the Ku Klux Klan. “There will be no compromise, no mediation, no capitulation. We will never stop. We will use all means necessary,” Campbell said. “We are pulling the sheets off the Southeastern Legal Foundation.” [emphasis added]

“The Atlanta-based [Southeastern Legal] foundation has said it will file a lawsuit next week challenging Atlanta’s set-aside program as unconstitutional. “This isn’t about race. This is about the city of Atlanta breaking the law,” said Matt Glavin, the foundation’s president. “When you have statutes that grant certain benefits to one group of people because of the color of their skin that are not granted to another group, then you’re violating the Fourteenth Amendment.” (Associated Press via FoxNews 08/18/99)

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[Editor’s Note: Matt Glavin, president of the Southeastern Legal Foundation, has recently been forced to hire body guards to protect himself, his wife, and his children from threats issued by Mayor Bill Campbell’s “fight to the death” minority lobby in Atlanta. Apparently, black Mayor Bill Campbell believes in violence, intimidation, and extortion as justifiable means of subduing his opponents.]

Atlanta’s Black Mayor Destroying Affirmative Action (07/26/99 – no link)
[Note: Writer Cynthia Tucker is a minority herself, and supports the use of racial set-asides and quotas. But she clearly does not believe that the combative, anti-white stance of Atlanta’s black Mayor Bill Campbell is constructive. See Also Related – Ongoing, below.]

“At city hall in Atlanta, the rash and combative African-American mayor, Bill Campbell, is unintentionally conducting a case study in how to destroy support for an affirmative action program.

“Denouncing critics of the city’s set-aside program as racists and comparing them to the Ku Klux Klan, Campbell is likely to assure the demise of the program he is trying to save.

“Going down to defeat after defeat in referendums and courtrooms around the country, affirmative action hardly needs friends like Campbell and his compatriots. Imagine what would have happened if the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., had spoken enthusiastically of hating his opponents, as a Campbell ally did at a recent rally.

“Indeed, if Campbell had kept the city’s set-aside program free of corruption and cronyism, he might be better prepared to face a threatened court challenge [by the Southeastern Legal Foundation]. But Atlanta’s set-aside program has been plagued by mismanagement, including contracts awarded to sham minority owners, who then turn over work to established white businesses; bids awarded to politically connected by incompetent bidders; and bids awarded to wealthy black business owners who no longer need affirmative action.” (The Daily Herald 07/27/99 by Cynthia Tucker)
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Related / Ongoing: Atlanta’s Mayor Campbell vs. Non-Minorities…
Southeastern Legal’s President Terrorized by Atlanta’s Minority Quota Supporters (08/12/99)
[Matt Glavin, President of Southeastern Legal Foundation, chronicles the terrorism and threats leveled against him and his family by Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell’s racial terrorists]

[Matt Glavin writes]: “I have become the target of unprecedented racial hatred and hostility. The last month has been a living nightmare for my family and me. I have had to hire bodyguards to protect our safety. This has come in the aftermath of the Southeastern Legal Foundation threatening to file a lawsuit against the Mayor and City of Atlanta.

“The lawsuit would end the illegal corrupt and shameful practice of providing for “Affirmative Action” remedies for “disadvantaged businesses.” But the black leadership of Atlanta has responded with personal and vicious attacks on me as well as several of the Southeastern Legal Foundation’s board members.

“Atlanta’s Mayor, Bill Campbell, has been at the forefront of these attacks.

“For years, Atlanta politicians have awarded their friends and campaign supporters with lucrative city contracts. [Atlanta’s black] politicians have used the “Affirmative Action” program as a form of political patronage for their friends who own “disadvantaged businesses.” One of these “disadvantaged businesses,” H.J. Russell and Co., is now the largest minority owned construction company in the world. By any standards, H.J. Russell and Co. is a huge company and it continues to get preferential treatment under the City of Atlanta’s “Affirmative Action” program. Left behind are the small, fledgling that are qualified and deserving of city business. Many of these companies are minority owned, but it makes no difference. None of these small companies have the political clout that is necessary to belong in the inner circle of favored businesses. These small companies have not given tens of thousands of dollars to the city’s political establishment so they aren’t awarded the city’s contracts.

“In June, I wrote Mayor Bill Campbell and informed him that Southeastern Legal Foundation would sue the city if it did not abandon its so-called “Affirmative Action” program for “disadvantaged businesses” seeking contracts with the city.

“At that point Mayor Campbell described the Southeastern Legal Foundation as racist and akin to the Ku Klux Klan. And at a press conference, Mayor Campbell encouraged his followers to go to my home, and the homes of other SLF board members, and march in picket lines. At the same press conference, State Representative Billy McKinney stated, “We finally have hit upon someone to hate. Matt Glavin is someone I hate.” Can you believe an elected official making a racist statement like that for all the world to see and hear?

“And on a live television interview program, Hosea Williams, a long-time civil rights advocate and one of Mayor Campbell’s staunchest allies, looked me right in the eye and said, “We are going to hit the streets, Matt, and we’re going to kill you.” This was on live television!! In addition, Mayor Campbell has used irresponsible violent imagery when speaking to his followers. He has implored them to “get ready to rumble,” and spoken of a “shootout in the OK corral” and “a fight to the death.” The rhetoric by the Mayor and his staff, combined with telephone threats to [Southeastern Legal Foundation’s] office and my home [Matt Glavin’s home] and a high-speed confrontation with another driver on a local freeway, prompted me to arrange for the protection for my family and myself.

“Since Atlanta is the Birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement, our threat of a lawsuit has drawn national attention. But our fight is not about race. Our fight is about corrupt politicians who are using the smokescreen
of race and civil rights to reward their political pals.

“If SLF is successful with this lawsuit in Atlanta, it will provide the precedent for the end of corrupt and illegal affirmative action programs in other cities as well.

“P.S. My two teenage sons, Sean and Christopher, were at home watching the live TV interview when Hosea Williams threatened to kill me. It is not right that my family be put through this kind of ordeal. But this shows you the kind of people we are up against.” (Matt Glavin, President, Southeastern Legal Foundation, 08/12/99)
[link ]

Stop spat, say Atlanta civic leaders (08/07/99 – dead link)
“In a reprise of the Atlanta business community’s role of peace broker during the turbulent civil rights era, a diverse group of key business leaders is urging Mayor Bill Campbell and the Southeastern Legal Foundation to tone down their bitter public rhetoric over the city’s affirmative action program, and work together to avoid a costly and lengthy court battle.

“The [Southeastern] legal foundation and Campbell have exchanged angry words since June 14, when the foundation announced plans to sue the city in federal court, claiming its affirmative action program is illegal.

“Campbell said he was not asked to tone down his rhetoric. The mayor said he does not plan to seek any sort of settlement with the [Southeastern] legal foundation.

“‘We appreciate [the involvement of the business leaders] and their perspective,’ [Southeastern Legal] foundation President Matthew Glavin said of the business leaders. ‘As of this point, the Southeastern Legal Foundation has not changed any plans, although there is daily contact with the business community, and as we have said from the beginning, we are ready to negotiate at any time.’ The foundation is expected to file suit later this month.

“The [Southeastern Legal] foundation maintains [that Atlanta’s] affirmative action program, which reserves as much as 34 percent of city contracts for minority- and female-owned businesses, violat…