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Racial Politics 2000:
Clinton's Impeachment Was Racist?


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(Impeachment):  Al Gore Blames Clinton Impeachment on Opponents of Racial Quotas!  (Dec. 25, 1998 - dead link)
          "Vice president Al Gore says he believes President Clinton's enemies are motivated by the president's efforts to 'improve' race relations (!) and 'enhance' the status of women and the poor."   Al Gore is correct insofar as those of us who have been screwed by Clinton's racial quota policies are mad at Clinton, and many of us would support any measure to defeat the President.  But Al "the bore" Gore is absolutely incorrect in assuming that those of us who oppose Clinton's racial quota policies are a "wild and woolly fringe" of opposition.  Gore attempted to paint Clinton's reverse discrimination policies in a positive light by saying "President Clinton and I have been trying to bridge the historic divide that has come about because of race and ethnicity in this country (by discriminating against whites), (and) elevate the role of women ... lifting the poor (as long as they are not white)."  Well, Al, how about re-introducing the concept of "equal protection under the law without regard to race"?   Wouldn't THAT be a concept!  (Washington Times by Joyce Howard Price, 12/25/98)
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(Impeachment):  Too Many Whites for a Fair Impeachment Trial? (dead link)
          "As the President's impeachment trial begins, some of the 89 percent pro-Clinton establishment press are, to put it bluntly, out of control. Their latest partisan attack on the Republican Party is perhaps their most intellectually and ethically dishonest one yet.

          "The House prosecutors are now being blasted for being white. And male. And Christian. On the 'CBS Evening News,' reporter Phil Jones relayed the latest propaganda line: 'Democrats believe House managers are conservative zealots, and some Republicans agree.' To validate that slam, Jones turned to one of the most liberal Republican members of the House (but not labeled as such), Rep. Peter King: 'It's a very hard core group. Some of them I have a lot of respect for, but I think on balance you're talking about a group of individuals who are very hard-nosed and determined to get Bill Clinton.' " 

          "NBC's Lisa Myers felt the same need to conduct a Caucasian check when she examined the Senate jury. She began:   'It's one of the most unusual juries ever assembled, one that looks nothing like America: 91 percent male, 97 percent white. The only minorities: Senators [Ben Nighthorse] Campbell, a native American, [Daniel]Akaka, native Hawaiian, and [Daniel] Inouye, Asian-American.'  Since this jury was popularly elected, is Myers implying America's voters are racist?"  (, 01/14/99, by L. Brent Bozell III)
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(Impeachment):  Blacks Have Stake in Clinton Trial
          Associated Press continues to feed the media fantasy that the impeachment proceedings against Clinton are all about his racial policies.  AP reporter Michelle Boorstein went out of her way to elicit some of these reponses from "representative" black citizens:

          " 'Everybody that I know that is black thinks that if he wouldn't have employed so many black folks and passed so many laws that benefited them, this wouldn't be much of an issue,' Armon Henry, an Atlanta business owner, said Monday at the Martin Luther King Day parade in the neighborhood where the slain civil rights leader grew up.  'Clinton really is the first black president we've had.' "

          "Hundreds of miles away, Victoria Mares Hershey had a similar sentiment:  'My question is, are they really hounding him for his personal transgressions, or (to punish) him for making his administration the most diverse that the country's ever known?' said Hershey, a vice president of the NAACP in Portland, Maine. 'That, to me, seems the undertone.' "   (Associated Press, 01/19/99, by Michelle Boorstein)

(Impeachment):  Clinton Lawyers Re-Define "Civil Rights" (01/20/99 - dead link)
          "Following 15 male lawyers, [black] deputy White House counsel Cheryl Mills made a spirited argument Wednesday that her boss did not deny a woman her civil rights.  'I'm not worried about civil rights, because this president's record on civil rights, on women's rights, on all of our rights, is unimpeachable,'  Mills told the Senate.  President Clinton  'has worked every day to give all of us a better deal.' "  (AP via FoxNews, 01/20/99, by Laurie Asseo)
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(Impeachment):  Clinton attorney praises his civil rights record (01/21/99) (dead link)
          "[Black] White House Deputy Counsel Cheryl Mills' declaration Wednesday that President Bill Clinton's record on civil rights and women's rights was 'unimpeachable' was among the most dramatic yet heard in the Senate's trial on whether to remove President Bill Clinton from office.  Here was [young, black, female attorney] Mills, 33, an African-American, standing in the well of the Senate and comparing Clinton to Thomas Jefferson and Frederick Douglass, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King - 'not perfect men,'  she said, 'but they struggled to do good.' "  (Post Dispatch, 01/21/99, by Jon Sawyer)

(Impeachment):  Black Leadership Warns Blacks: Don't Support Clinton's Defense! (01/29/99)
          "While African-American support for President Bill Clinton has been high throughout the impeachment proceedings against Clinton, members of the African-American leadership network Project 21 warn that - should Clinton succeed in using legal wrangling to escape a full impeachment trial - civil rights gains could be eroded.

          "If Bill Clinton is not removed from office, the rule of law will have been abandoned in America, and we will have absolute hell to pay," said Project 21 member and Los Angeles community activist Jesse Peterson. "The rule of law is the only standard keeping this nation from a mob-rule mentatility, which will surely degenerate into anarchy once the citizenry realizes the laws are only to be imposed on them. Our President will have in effect become nothing more than a warlord, holding power via taxpayer supported legalistic ties, 'friendly' soulless Senators, indimidation of opponents, and a complicit one-party media."  (Press release 01/29/99 from Project 21 of the National Center)
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END Impeachment: Racially Motivated?

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