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"Vote Early, and Vote Often...and then Vote Again!"

NEWS ... Miami Herald 12/1/00 -- FLORIDA:  As many as 3,750 convicted felons may have illegally voted for Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore!  See the story at Florida Felons for Gore.

How to Conduct a Fair Recount

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Good or Bad Dog?

What happens when a president gets elected in a year with a "0" at the end?

  • 1840: William Henry Harrison (Died in Office)
  • 1860: Abraham Lincoln (Assassinated)
  • 1880: James A. Garfield (Assassinated)
  • 1900: William McKinley (Assassinated)
  • 1920: Warren G. Harding (Died in Office)
  • 1940: Franklin D. Roosevelt (Died in Office)
  • 1960: John F. Kennedy (Assassinated)
  • 1980: Ronald Reagan (Survived Assassination Attempt)

And to think that we have 2 guys duking it out in the courts to be the one elected in 2000!

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Ballot for Incompetent Florida Voters

The Palm Beach Voter Land of Gore? Not.
Revised Florida Ballot New Democrat Party Seal
Sore Loserman 2000 I Only Got to Vote Once!
protest4_SML_old.jpg (18994 bytes) Mayberry 2000 Shiny Objects Distracted Me and I Voted for Buchanan!
I'm Too Stupid to Use a Ballot I Don't Understand What an Arrow Means. I'm So "Baked" That I Voted for Pat Buchanan

Florida's Palm Beach ballot was approved by Democratic officials.  The "butterfly" ballot was tested by voters.  No one complained until after George W. Bush was elected to the White House.

 Palm Beach Residents Couldn't Figure Out this Extremely Simple Ballot.
Download HUGE version of Moron Ballot in Windows JPG format, suitable for printing.

Democratic Campaign Chairman Bill Daley:

Bill Daley has a family history of "creating" voters!
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          The Democratic Campaign Chairman, Bill Daley, comes from a long family tradition of voter manipulation.  Bill Daley's late father, the infamous Richard J. Daley (Mayor of Chicago during the 1968 Democratic Convention there) was famous for raising "dead Democratic voters" from the grave in order to vote in Cook County, Illinois elections. 

          Bill Daley's brother, Richard Daley, Jr. is currently Mayor of Chicago, and has followed in his father's footsteps.  Under the regimes of Daley Sr. and Daley Jr. many, many deceased voters have a long, spectral tradition of voting for Democrats from the netherworld.

          But Democratic Campaign Chairman Bill Daley has raised this art form to a new level!  Bill Daley can apparently conjure up new voters AFTER the election, a trick his father and brother never mastered -- even in Florida, far away from his roots in Illinois machine-politics.  (See especially How Daley Stole the 1960 Election for Kennedy)

19,000 Florida Voters Are Challenged

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