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FY 2001 U.S. Office of Personnel Management Report
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(Web Posted 5/27/03 -- Adversity.Net 2003)

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Federal Overhiring of Minorities

2003 OPM Report to Congress
2003 OPM Annual Report to Congress
[May 27, 2003 -- Washington, DC]   With little fanfare outside the Capital Beltway, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) last month released their annual report to Congress "Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program". 

          This annual report provides agency-by-agency details on federal minority hiring statistics for the period October 1, 2000 to September 30, 2001.  It pointedly does not list any data regarding employment of white males.

          OPM Director Kay Coles James introduced this year's report with the following statement:   "The FY 2001 FEORP report shows that minority employment in the Federal workforce increased during the last year (up by 9,490, which is significant in the context of overall workforce growth of 12,310)."
          In other words 12,310 new federal jobs were created during FY 2001 but only 2,820 of this total -- 22.9% -- were filled by white males and other "non-minorities".

          That means that fewer than 23 jobs out of every 100 new Federal jobs were filled by non-minorities.

          Apparently FY 2001 just wasn't a very good year for white guys to apply for a federal job!

          For the third year in a row, Adversity.Net's analysis of the OPM report reveals that the government continues to hire a far higher percentage of minorities than their proportion in the civilian work force. 

          Most Federal agencies and departments exceeded their affirmative action goals (known to most of us as racial quotas) by dozens or even hundreds of percentage points.

          Surely even the most ardent proponents of the constitutionally suspect doctrine of "proportional representation" and its equally constitutionally dubious mate, "underrepresentation", will find it difficult to defend the Fed's wild overhiring of selected racial groups.
  • The 2003 OPM report shows that in FY 2001, at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the agency charged with defending the hiring privileges of selected races, blacks were overhired by 614.3% vs. their proportion in the civilian labor force.  (It is no surprise that few non-minorities have ever won a favorable ruling from the EEOC in a reverse discrimination complaint.)
  • The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) employed 534.4% more blacks than their proportion in the civilian labor force in FY 2001.
  • The Smithsonian Institution, keeper of our national museums and cultural artifacts, overhired blacks by 435.6%.
  • The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) – authors of this data and personnel manager for the federal government – overhired blacks by 285.7% over their quota.
  • Non-White Hispanics – however that strange term may be defined in Census 2000 Speak – didn't fare nearly so well in the federal quota lottery.  For example, the EEOC only overhired Hispanics by 168%, and the U.S. Department of Justice only overhired Hispanics by 123%.
  • Inexplicably, Asian / Pacific Islanders fared far better in the federal quota sweepstakes than their Hispanic colleagues-in-oppression.   The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG, formerly known as the United States Information Agency) hired 328.6% more Asian/Pacific Islanders than their quota, and the U.S. Navy employed 223.3% more Asian/Pacific Islanders than their quota.
  • Apparently Native Americans' numbers in the comparable civilian labor force are so small that hiring even a few dozen can drive the resulting federal employment numbers into the thousands of percentage points over their quota.  For example, according to the OPM data, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services hired 3,320% more Native Americans than their affirmative action target.  Similarly, the Department of the Interior (national parks) hired Native Americans to the tune of 2,320% over their proportion in the civilian labor force.
          Perhaps the only thing that is truly surprising about the OPM report is what it does not report. 

          For example, no mention is made of the number of gays or lesbians in the federal workforce.  Transgendered individuals (sex changes) are prominently absent from the report (except perhaps in a California special edition of the data).  Not a single "non-majority" religious group's federal employment numbers were reported.  Also absent from the data are any tabulations of employment by political party or by age.   Surely all of these are unintentional oversights which OPM will correct in next year's report.

Accuracy in Media:
AIM calls it "racism in federal hiring" and wonders why the media refuse to report it!
The Sept. 26, 2003 AIM story is available at the following link:
Be sure to see our NEW federal overhiring analysis posted 06/14/06!
          It is certain, however, that neither OPM nor our policy makers will next year, or the year after that, correct the glaring omission of hiring data for white males.  Inclusion of such data might make the rest of the data appear even more indefensible.  -- Tim Fay, Editor.

Download the entire, original 55 page OPM report with charts and graphs in Acrobat PDF format:

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