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INTRODUCTION:   Reverse Discrimination at HUD

Updated Aug. 11, 2002

Lawsuit:  The U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development long has had an aggressive minority hiring quota program.  An Office of Personnel Management report released this year shows that HUD has deliberately over-hired blacks by 382.9% more than their proportion in the civilian work force.  White employees are routinely denied advancement within the agency in order to give preference to designated minorities.

          Recently, a class action lawsuit has been filed against HUD for their anti-white discriminatory policies.  The Center for Individual Rights has filed suit against the agency on behalf of three white plaintiffs and all others similarly situated. 

          The CIR attorneys stated "The basis of the lawsuit is HUD's mechanical use of goals and preferences to remedy even slight disparities in minority and female representation in its workforce, without any evidence that such disparities are the result of discrimination," explained Curt Levey, CIR's Director of Legal & Public Affairs.

          See HUD Lawsuit for details.


HUD's Minority Hiring Record:
(Source: U.S. OPM FY 2000)

Category Civilian
Force %
% +Over hired
(-Under hired)
Blacks 7.0 33.8 +382.9%
Hispanics 5.0 7.0 +40.0%
Asian-Pacific Islanders 2.8 3.4 +21.4%
Native Americans 0.4 1.1 +175.0%
Women 54.7 58.6 +7.1%

See OPM Report 2000 for additional details on minority hiring at HUD and other federal agencies.

Sexual Harassment, Racial Favoritism, Vendettas:  During the waning days of the Clinton administration, HUD director Andrew Cuomo embarrassed HUD and the entire affirmative action program by waging a personal war against his own inspector general, Susan Gaffney.  Gaffney -- as IG -- was supposed to be able to operate independently of the boss.  When she actually began uncovering fraud (which is her job) Cuomo became incensed.  Here's a brief chronology of this Washington soap opera:

See Gaffney-Cuomo War.

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