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           Gentrification means different things depending upon your skin color and your political beliefs.

          Minority Definition:  Gentrification means that more financially able "non-minorities" are moving into your neighborhood and are improving their properties.  Since the improved properties have a higher value, this also means that the local authorities will raise your property taxes to the point where you will no longer be able to afford to live there. But cheer up! Since you are on the government's "preferred minority/color" list there are a large number of tax-payer supported programs which will help you "buy back" into your old neighborhood.  

          Non-Minority, Poor White Definition:  If you are a lower-income NON-minority, gentrification means that wealthier whites have begun moving in and improving their properties.  Your property taxes will be raised to the point that you will no longer be able to afford to live there, and you will be forced to flee to suburban locations even further from your work opportunities.  But since you are defined as "white" the government will NOT make any tax dollars available to assist you in holding on to your home in the "gentrified" neighborhood".

          Summary:   If your are a minority, the government defines gentrification as "bad" -- especially if it means that more "whites" are moving into your neighborhood.   But if you are "white", the government defines gentrification as "good" as long as it means that you have to leave the neighborhood so that more minorities can live there.

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