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Analysis 08/18/00
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The Party of Maxine Waters (by Michelle Malkin, posted 08/18/00)
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          "She is one of the most self-serving, hate-filled, race-obsessed politicians in America.  The Democratic Party doesn't just embrace her. It kneels at her feet.

          "Los Angeles Congresswoman Maxine Waters reigned supreme this week when Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman appeared before a black audience to 'explain' himself."  

[Editor's Note:  Since his nomination as Al Gore's VP, Lieberman has had to explain away several things to the Democrats' racial special interest groups, such as:  His support for California's Proposition 209 ending racial and gender preferences in that state; his many public statements decrying the use of racial and gender preferences in general; and his leadership of the conservative Democratic Leadership Council since 1995.  Since accepting the Democrat's nomination as Gore's VP running mate, Joe Lieberman's flip-flop on issues of racial preference has been total, complete, and unashamed.  Now Lieberman says that whatever his boss, Al Gore, decides is the correct policy on racial preferences Lieberman will loyally support.]

          Writer Michelle Malkin also notes that Lieberman committed another sin against the Democratic Demagogues:   "...supporting educational vouchers that benefit minority children.   Lieberman, once a courageous voice for equal opportunity, has now been schooled:   Pander hard and keep your dissenting thoughts to yourself."  [Emphasis added.]

          Columnist Malkin notes that Maxine Waters, in her role as one of the Democrat's racial special interest gods, was quite peeved that presidential nominee Al Gore's handlers did not consult her personally about Gore's choice of Lieberman as his VP running mate.  Ultimately, however, Malkin writes "The skilled publicity hound [Maxine Waters] dissed and then kissed Lieberman for the cameras; a cheek-to-cheek photo of the couple appeared in newspapers across the country."

          Ms. Malkin notes that Maxine Waters has been a prominent, powerful Democratic Party deity on issues of race and racial preferences for 20 years.  Malkin notes that Maxine Waters' service to the cause includes 20 years on the Democratic National Committee.  Waters has been a leader in the Congressional Black Caucus.  The Democratic party has been so frightened of losing the votes of Waters' minority constituents that at five Democratic National Conventions the party has put Maxine Waters "up front" in the symbolically powerful role of seconding the party's presidential nominees. 

          But Maxine Waters has a long and ignominious history of race-bating and forgiveness of lawlessness when crimes are committed by the "disadvantaged" minorities who comprise her prime constituency.  Michelle Malkin notes that Waters attempted to portray the 1992 LA riots as a rebellion, as if the violent criminal acts and destruction were the excusable acts of an oppressed underclass instead of the wanton opportunism of criminals who were confident that the police would not prosecute them due to their protected status as "historically disadvantaged minorities".  Maxine Waters issued an infamous apology for the LA violence, which Malkin quotes as follows:  The LA riots were "a spontaneous reaction to a lot of injustice and a lot of alienation and frustration."  Thus Waters attempted to apologize for her constituents' criminal behavior.

          Commenting upon Maxine Waters' publicity-oriented defense of the 1992 LA violence, Malkin writes "This is a woman who visited the home of Damian Williams, the infamous thug who 'expressed himself' by hurling a chunk of concrete at white truck driver Reginald Denny and performing a victory dance over the innocent bystander."

          Malkin concludes her article by criticizing the Democrats for including "in its leadership a snarling bomb-thrower [Waters] who exploits every opportunity to play the race card and cash in on collective guilt and fear."

(by Michelle Malkin, as published in Townhall.Com and the Jewish World Review, posted 08/18/00)
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[alternate link http://www.jewishworldreview.com/michelle/malkin.html ]

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Additional Background on Maxine Waters:

  • Congresswoman Maxine Waters is black, and she represents California's 35th district in the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • Waters' California 35th district includes South Central Los Angeles, Inglewood, Hawthorne, and Gardena.
  • Waters is an unrepentant advocate for the use of race in assigning government benefits and job preferences to "persons of color".   Waters believes that blacks and most other persons of color are "historically disadvantaged" and therefore deserve to be given preferential treatment ahead of non-minorities.
  • As a member of the House Committee on Banking she has shamelessly promoted legislation requiring our banks to give loans to persons of color (minorities) even if they don't have the ability to pay back the loans.  This has resulted in banks charging higher fees and loan rates to all customers in order to recoup their losses from high-risk loans to preferred minorities and other bad credit risks.  Waters has also supported banking legislation requiring banks to compile a racial profile on all loan applicants so that the federales can play the race card whenever a higher number of low-income applicants (read: minorities) than "whites" fail to meet the simple "ability to pay back the loan" test.
  • In the wake of the 1992 LA riots, Rep. Waters bullied the Community Development Block Grant program to provide three million dollars to repair the severe property damage caused by her minority constituents -- violent criminals -- during the LA riots.

You can visit Congresswoman Maxine Waters' Congressional Web Site at the following link:
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